Forum Title: Plumb walls of a house.
Hi, new here I do pretty much everything myself as it is easily the best way to learn and I have a vast knowledge of many things as a result. This particular job may not be one I can add under my belt. I had a house basically given to me for the price of the land. The house is old and the interior has been updated along with updated windows. The bad? The house is needs to be leveled and worse, the north and south walls lean to the south like a parallelogram. Eyeballing it, I'd guess it's a 2 inch lean over the course of 8 feet or so. It's enough lean that you can visibly see it facing the building from east/west. Or even viewing it while standing in doorways of interior walls. From what I understand the interior and windows were updated over a decade ago, and there are no cracks in the sheetrock or ceiling. So this is a fairly stable lean and I believe it may have been caused by the unlevel foundation. I have a guy that will level the house, that isn't a problem. Once it's leveled though, will I be able to plumb the house back to a proper square? If so, what would be a safe technique to do so? I have a few ideas floating around involving winches, but then how would I brace post squaring... Any advice and help is much appreciated. I look forward to seeing your suggestions. The house is really old and in really good shape other than these two large problems. I would like to save the house if possible...but the house isn't worth the money of hiring a company to do this job.
Category: fencing Post By: GABRIEL NORRIS (Buffalo, NY), 02/04/2019

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